Naked oil paintings

Naked paintings have shown over the centuries how it is possible to master human form of expression in its most bare interface. Nude paintings, male and female alike, worked progressively on the formation of contours. Contours and depression help in giving perfect anatomical accuracy to the art form. Imagine this: A woman with her nipples protruding through the areola and navel hair meets the pubic zone from where the vaginal opening emerges subtly hidden by the contraction of both legs. Imagine this now: a male figure with his torso attached to his hips and the physical ability transformed into the weight of his frontal nudity, balls shining and swinging within the testicles.

Nude oil paintings

If graciously painted, the art forms have a lot to offer. They capture the brilliance of human vision and overlap it with the execution of brushes. Naked female paintings can be erotically sensual yet tasteful and not vulgar. Naked male paintings on the other hand can not be classified as erotic, but can look very chaste and colossal in its dimension. Now for the medium: nude paintings were recently made on acrylic. Acrylic takes the polymer suspended solution and works best on paper medium. Although, it’s quite an intriguing medium even for the canvas surface. Now, today acrylic offers a nice balance to painters who are either comfortable with canvas or with paper.

Nudes Oil Paintings for sale

But since ancient times, nude paintings have been done in oil. Oil paintings looked to produce the cooked mixture of flaxseed and resin in the manufacture of varnish. It further makes use of hog’s brush for fat strokes and squirrel’s fur for soft strokes. In this way the combination of sharp and dense strokes creates a contour contour contrast that is important for nude oil paintings. Such nude oil paintings also use texture to highlight the medium. This means that whether it is done on cotton or on linen, it uses the fabric texture.

Linen is preferred for the nude oil paintings. Let’s understand that. Nudity is nothing but a body stripped of its cloth. Nudity means moving the body to a parallel state of identification. Ingress perhaps saw the nude paintings best. He believed that the body was just a vessel for form, externally enclosed by a line that could consist of it as a deliberately compact thought. Nude oil painting suggests taking this thought further. It is believed that within every art form that sits on an individual, lies the strength to create innate expressions. Naked expressions are nothing but the vent of these subconscious expressions. For paintings and specifically nude oil paintings, refer here.

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